Sunday, December 11, 2011


I can't believe it's already been a few weeks since I last blogged.  We've been adapting to our new schedule...The one where Maximus wakes us up around 7:30 am to go out to take care of business.  I haven't been up at 7:30 am on a consistent basis since high school or college; I'm sure of it! 
Max is doing well.  He had a vet appointment today, and he now weighs 34.5 pounds.  When we got him 4 weeks ago, he weighed 25.8 pounds.  He's a tank!! He's starting to learn his name and getting better about housebreaking.  We can't wait until he loses his little razor sharp baby teeth.  He likes to chew on us, and those little teeth hurt! He chews on rawhides a lot, and doesn't try to eat the furniture anymore, so that's a step in the right direction!

Marc gave me my Christmas present early this year.  I asked for a gym membership with personal trainer.  I am just sick of being out of shape and am ready to do something about it.  I want the trainer because it will keep me accountable.  I never miss appointments, so having the time set up in advance for me to go to the gym makes me keep going.  I've been going for 2 full weeks now, and it feels really good to use my muscles again.  It's been about 12 years since I was in decent shape, and I know it's going to be a long road, but at least I'm trying.  You may notice a change in our menus, as I will try to make our favorite dishes a little more healthy.  I've been making a lot of salads with baby spinach, pickled beets & a little bit of goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.  So delicious and healthy!

We finally had time today to get our Christmas decorations out of the attic.  We haven't even begun our shopping yet, but Marc will start it tomorrow.  I have an appointment at the gym, then have to work at the office in the afternoon.  I decorated the tree tonight and still have to get all the rest of the decorations up, but I did get a few pictures of the tree to put on here.  We're trying to configure the furniture so that Max can't get back to the tree to eat the ornaments.  He didn't seem too interested in it while I was decorating, so we're hoping that's a good sign...Lots of the ornaments are glass and I really don't want him to get back there.  
Oh, Christmas Tree...

The tree in the window

The "headdress" as my mom calls it!

Just need the nut crackers and Max's stocking

Watching football with Marc
Now we've got to get Max a Christmas stocking and get the living room cleaned up and all of the boxes that house the decorations back up in the attic.  Sometimes I wish it were ok to leave the Christmas decorations up until Easter....I love when the house is all festive!

Hope y'all are have a great week.

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  1. The tree with the feathered headdress looks nice. We noticed right away looking through the pictures that Max's stocking was not there. He needs one, too, filled with lots of cheweys!!

    So sorry to hear about Marc's fellow officer. What a senseless thing to do. Prayers for his daughters.