Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Mini roadtrip with pictures

Yesterday, I went to Philadelphia with Tex & Colleen for cheesesteaks! I had never been to Philly and we all had the day off yesterday from the MP.  I hadn't ever had an authentic philly cheesesteak either, so we went to both of the places that are famous for them.  Geno's and Pat's.  

We got in the car around 11:30, grabbed the I-pods and drove down to Philadelphia.  It's only 2 to 2.5 hours from where we live if there's no traffic.  It was a really fun day.  We went to Geno's first.  I had a steak "wit" (it means with onions, but you have to order it right) and provolone cheese.  

Tex & Colleen on Philly fun day

Tony Danza...Tony Danza!  hahah

The traditional steak sandwich had cheez whiz but I cannot eat that stuff, it does terrible things to my digestive tract...sorry, TMI...

My sandwich was delicious.  The bread they use for the cheesesteaks is SO good.   The steak at Geno's is really flavorful, and you can never go wrong with provolone cheese.  

Once we finished eating at Geno's, we walked up to a little market that was selling LIVE FOWL. 
flying rats...I mean squab, anyone?!?
Seriously, they had 3 cages on the sidewalk that contained pigeons, quail, and chickens.  Inside, there were more chickens and ducks, pheasant and doves.  That little store stank to high heaven!  It looked to be some kind of Asian market, but seriously, who really wants to eat pigeon??? I know the fancy-schmancy food snobs will call it "squab" but it's a freaking pigeon.  It's basically a flying rat.  A scavenger who crowds the sidewalk at my feet.  In Venice, Italy they used to sell food for them in the Piazza de San Marco up to about 2 years ago, and they discovered how dirty the birds are and have since stopped selling the bird food.  Gross, and a kind "no thank you".  Yuck!  I mean, I love chicken and I've tried duck, I would eat quail and dove without issue, but I am NOT eating pigeon, no matter how pretty they try to make it sound.  Ahem.  

Back to Philly fun day.  We walked to a little sports bar that sits caddy-corner between Geno's and Pat's to hang out and digest our first sandwiches.  It was fun and we just sat and talked for a few hours.  Once we finished our drinks, we walked to Pat's.  

Pat's offers more toppings for your cheesesteak, but you have to know your order before you get to the head of the line or they'll kick you to the back.  I got a cheesesteak "wit" (remember, it's the onions) and mushrooms with provolone.  Once again, the bread was fantastic.  There is a little bit more meat on a Pat's sandwich, but it isn't as good as Geno's.  Also, I was expecting sauteed mushrooms and I received canned mushrooms.  The meat was greasy and not hot enough to melt the cheese.  It was tasty overall, but I am definitely a Geno's fan.  
Winner, winner Chicken Dinner!! uh, I mean, Cheesesteak Dinner!

Apparently you just MUST choose sides.  My cheesesteak was hotter at Geno's and the flavor overall was much better.  We will definitely be repeating this trip, it was a fun little jaunt out of New York.  I brought Marc home one of each, but it's not the same as going and getting it fresh from the window.

We got back in to New York around 11 pm and headed to Jackie Reilly's for Karaoke.  It is there every Wednesday night.  It was really fun.  Tex sang a few songs from Comedian Rodney Carrington.  He's hilarious.  I sang "Leavin' on a jet plane".  Karaoke is always so much fun!

So now today I have to do some laundry and clean up the house before Thursdays at the cake tonight.  I hope y'all have a great weekend!



  1. Sandwich @ Genos sounds really yummy. Was Tony Danza really there?

  2. No, it was a joke from the day. We heard a comedian do a little thing and tony danza was the punch line, and his picture was right in front of me at our table.

  3. We have so much in comon!! : ) Love that we are both from Arkansas on adventures at the same time!
    Jessica McCash {}