Friday, November 4, 2011

A festive wreath, football, and other randomness

Yesterday, I had some free time so I made a new autumn wreath for our front door.  

if you look closely, you can see Marc creeping in the window...

I went to Michael's and bought most of the items on 70% clearance!  Gotta love a bargain!  I sat at the kitchen table with my wire cutters and hot glue gun and went to town! It was fun and didn't take too long to do.  I am trying to get the house decorated since I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for all of Marc's family this year.  

I am really interested in what your must-have Thanksgiving menu items are.  Since I'm trying to plan this menu, I'm looking to friends and family far away to lend me some more ideas.  I'm about 85% done with the menu and just want a few more suggestions.  Let's all hope it goes as well in reality as it is going in my head!

We hosted some friends for Football this past Sunday also.  It was a lot of fun, and good food too.  I made cheesy sausage biscuit balls, jalapeno jelly with cream cheese, deviled eggs with bacon, sausage dip, onion dip, and cut up a bunch of veggies for snacks too.  We had a great time and watched A LOT of football.  We love entertaining friends here at our house.  I really love to cook for people who love to eat.  
cheeses, pepperoni, sopresata, & jalapeno jelly with cream cheese

Veggies, biscuit balls, & deviled eggs with bacon!

Sausage dip

visiting &watching football

This weekend, I am of course cheering for my beloved (#7!) HOGS as we host South Carolina at home, and in the HUGE SEC matchup tomorrow, I am SCREAMING ROLL TIDE!!!! Go 'Bama, stomp LSU!!  I just can't stand those bayou bengals!!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend.

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