Saturday, March 22, 2014

Looooooooong time, no post!

What can I say, I got busy & bored with it! This is a catch-up of sorts, and there will be a lot of pictures at the bottom...I'll try to be a good blogger again!

 There are some pretty major changes headed our way, so I figured I had better start documenting again.  Marc and I are expecting a baby boy in early May.  His name will be Cooper Justin.  My brother's name was Justin, and we wanted to honor his memory, so it will be Cooper's middle name.  I have decorated his nursery with Football stuff, and even found him a onesie that says "I'm told I love football..."  So cute.  I am just waiting on a few more items to hang on the walls, then I'll post completed nursery pictures.  I am loving all the football stuff.  Marc played football in college at St. John's University (unfortunately their football program is now defunct) and he had 2 large professional pictures of himself in games, so we had them framed and hung them on the walls.  It's nice to have a personal touch and not just generic football stuff to go in the nursery.

We also have another puppy.  Her name is Pixie and she's a boxer.  She is so funny and energetic, and Max loves her.  They play together really roughly.  It sounds like they're fighting, but they're just wrestling and arguing over toys.  She gets me up every morning at about 7:45 to snuggle on the couch, and I wouldn't trade a second of it!

We bought 2 acres of property in Arkansas back in November to build our dream home once Marc retires from his job here in NYC!  I've got a pinterest board full of ideas for the house and really can't wait to get started building, but it will have to wait until our house sells here in NY because floating two mortgages is SO not happening!

We start the remodel of our one and only bathroom on Monday!  I'm so excited! The bathroom is original to the 1960 house and is powder blue.  Everywhere.  The tub, the tile, the toilet, the sink, the countertop...UGLY! It's our last major house project and should only take the contractor about a week...Cross your fingers for me!

The house will go on the market early next year,  and hopefully sell quickly.  If that's the case, the baby, the dogs, and I will go to my mom's in Arkansas and get the house building started while Marc finishes up his work time here.  :)

I think that's about it for now.  I'll post before, during, and afters of the bathroom remodel as we go!

21 weeks

27 weeks 4 days

33 weeks 2 days

Marc's grandma made the afghan when he was playing football in college

Cooper's crib...Thank you, Mom!

My mom and I made the curtains for the nursery when I was in Arkansas for Christmas.  They're adorable! The rugs I bought from

I made this monogram sign for the entry to the nursery.  It pays honor to my brother and keeps the football theme going!

My aunt bought the mobile for the crib, and you can see one of Marc's "action" shots in the background from when he played college football.

Cooper's crib bedding that I found on Etsy.  SO cute!

This is a "papoose" and hat that a sweet lady from my community made for Cooper.  I can't wait to take newborn pictures of him wearing this!  He will be a football!

This is Miss Pixie.  She thinks she can drive.

Pixie again.  She has the funniest personality, and she isn't scared of ANYTHING!  She gets right in Max's face and growls and him and boxes him, even though he outweighs her by 75+ pounds!

Pixie and her bone "cigar".. I have a similar picture of Max!

Marc & Max relaxing on the couch.  Both pups think they are lap dogs, and we wouldn't have it any other way!
the ultrasound from my 20 week appointment
The curtains Mom & I made for Cooper's nursery!
It's a boy!

Pixie had to bring the rug from the front door all the way onto the couch.  It's better there.

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