Monday, March 24, 2014


The bathroom remodel started today.  The crew showed up at 8:15 am and was ripping out the countertops by 8:20.  They got it ripped down to the studs and subfloor.  The tile that was on the floor was on top of the original tile, which was set in concrete and chicken wire.  They had to bludgeon it with hammers, but they finally won and got it all out.  They got the electrical wires run, the hi-hat light for the shower installed, and the exhaust fan installed as well as sheetrock on the ceiling.  We ran into a minor snag at the end of their workday.  They opened up the box for the new commode and discovered it was cracked, both on the base and the water tank.  They are doing me a favor and mounting the toilet every day so pregnant me doesn't have to pee in the back yard...One of the guys and I ran out to home depot and bought another toilet, and Marc and I will return the busted one when he gets home from work.
Yay! A new white toilet!

Hi-Hat light in the shower

a functional exhaust fan

the space where the medicine cabinet/mirror will go

I was somewhat worried about how Max and Pixie would react to all the noise going on with them demo-ing the bathroom, but I am SO proud of them.  I brought them into the master bedroom with me, and they slept on their pillows on the floor.  They were so good!! They'll get some kind of special treat tonight.
snoozing through the chaos of demolition

Tomorrow, the contractor will finish drywalling and get the cement board down so he can start doing the tile for the floor and the shower area.  We may have to spend 1 night away from home when he does the tile on the floor, because it has to sit for 24 hours so the thinset will set up.  All in all, I am SO pleased.  They are professional, clean, and courteous.  Can't wait to see tomorrow's progress!


  1. The exhaust fan is even in the center of the room now!! You can't pee in the yard - you're in New York, not Arkansas!! Glad they're making quick progress. Hope it will all be working and looking good!

  2. Peeing outside when your pregnant is no fun anyway!! Its going to be so pretty when they get done you'll love getting to go per just so you can look at how much better it is! We did the laundry room at dads old house turned it into a room for Alex Im so happy when I walk in there to switch the clothes!!