Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to life, back to reality...

So today I went back to work after being off for more than 2 weeks.  I have to say, I didn't miss it! I thoroughly enjoyed "retirement" and wish I could afford to not work.  I know probably everyone feels like that, but it sure was nice to travel and not have to worry about being up early to go to the office.  A girl really could get used to not working.  I'm sure I can find plenty of things to occupy my time; which brings me to my next point.  What would you choose to do if you didn't have to work?  Marc and I like to plan daydream about what we would do when if we are lucky enough to win the lottery.  Here's the short list:

*Pay off all of the bills for ourselves and our families
*Build our dream home
*Travel to all of the places we're never seen
*Contribute time and money to Justin's scholarship fund
*Volunteer time and money with a worthwhile charity, Like St. Jude's or something equally as awesome
*Be involved in our future children's lives, rather than needing Daycare or to have both parents work
*Go to lots of Razorback football games
*Have land and horses

It's fun to dream, but reality always comes crashing back in...We both work and will continue to do so. Even if we won the lottery, Marc says he would continue to work, and I would stay home with kids. I guess we're kinda traditional like that.  I hope we're able to do that when the time comes for us to have kids, we'll just be on a budget, rather than having millions in the bank :)

What are your dreams, or fantasies about the lottery??


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