Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gearing up for the big BBQ!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend so far.  Marc and I decided that next year, we're going to go visit my friend Rob in North Carolina for the 4th of July weekend.  I worked Friday & Saturday nights. The weather outside was really great, so almost no one wanted fondue.  Crazy, right??? Everyone knows that nothing says 4th of july like a big pot of fondue...haha...

So, when I got home last night, I started prepping for our HUGE 4th of July bbq on Monday.  I made fresh salsa. I took a couple pictures to show you.

It's nice and fresh, has just enough heat from the 2 jalapenos, but not too spicy.   I also made my homemade BBQ sauce and got the skirt steaks marinating.  Have I mentioned the menu yet?  Shame on me... We are having fresh salsa & chips, deviled eggs with bacon, baby-back ribs, country style ribs, pulled pork, grilled skirt steaks, grilled hamburgers, grilled hot dogs, fresh corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, fresh homemade cole slaw, sweet tea, pepsi, & cold beer.

Today, I am going to vacuum & dust the house and prep a few more things.  I am dicing up the onion, celery, & sweet pickle for my potato salad, as well as quartering and boiling the potatoes so that tomorrow, all I have to do is toss everything in the bowl and make the dressing.  Marc is going to rub the ribs with spices and get the ready to go onto the smoker first thing tomorrow morning.  We've got a canopy for the deck so no one gets sunburned, as well as plenty of bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away too.  

I'll post pictures tomorrow of all the friends and food we have over here.  

Have a safe and fun weekend! Happy Birthday, USA!


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