Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aggravation, this is aggravation...aggravation, this is how you play...

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure we are still in an economic depression.  Home prices have not yet recovered, gas is still ridiculously expensive, and most businesses are cutting their prices and fees to entice more customers.  Imagine my surprise when today, I went through my banking statement to see a $12 monthly maintenance fee.  Now, I realize it's only $12, but I haven't had a monthly maintenance fee before, and I've had this same account for 6+ years now. 

 So, I got on the phone and called the behemoth Bank of America.  The nice lady I spoke to her said, "yes, as of June, there will be a monthly maintenance fee of $12 even with direct deposit if your deposit is less than $250, or you can maintain a balance of $10,000 and there will be no fee".  I work in a restaurant.  I'm lucky to receive a paycheck at all.  I would squeal for joy if it were $250. If I had 10 grand in the bank, I wouldn't be bellyaching about $12.  I make my money in tips.  Now, my question is, why does a business that has 2.4 TRILLION (yes, you read that right) in holdings need to charge people like myself $12 a month to "maintain" my account?  I get that it's not a lot of money, but seriously??? Shame on you, you greedy, money-grubbing jerks.  

People who don't maintain a balance of 10 grand or more probably aren't making a fortune each paycheck, so let's PUNISH them with fees! They aren't struggling already to make ends meet, they need a monthly maintenance fee for their meager checking accounts. 

I just needed to vent that information.  I think it's a rotten policy and that they really should leave well enough alone, or that if you've had your account for 5 or more years, you should be "grandfathered" in and be able to remain under the terms that were set when you opened your account.  I am now shopping for a new bank that has branches nationwide.  If any of you know of any that don't have a monthly maintenance fee with direct deposit, or require you to keep an asinine amount in your checking account, please let me know via comment.

That is all.

I hope you have a good week, and a great 4th of July weekend!

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  1. Hi Kelli! Adrienne cuts my hair! :)

    This post caught my eye...that fee is ridiculous!

    Also, all of you food looks yummy! I've been on Weight Watchers for 2 months and I love to look at great food, even if I can't eat all of it. :)