Wednesday, April 9, 2014

36 Weeks

Today, I had my 36 week appointment and ultrasound.  The technician took all of her measurements and said all looks well for Mr. Cooper.  He is weighing about 6lb and 14oz right now, and will probably be 8lbs and change at birth.  She double checked that he is, indeed, a boy.  (I know someone who was told all along she was having a boy only to turn out to have a girl!) I wanted to be sure!  There were definitely testicles on the monitor.  The only pictures she printed for me were of his profile. He is being a good little boy and is head down, and face down in preparation for delivery in a few short weeks.  He had his hands in front of his face, so the picture isn't fantastic, but you can make out his little nose, which is just too cute.

Cooper's profile at 36 weeks
After my OB appointment, I went to meet with the pediatrician we will be using for Cooper.  They tell you at about 28 weeks that you need to choose a pediatrician.  When it's your first baby, you're like..." do I choose a baby doctor?!?"  I asked some good friends of ours who live close to us who they use and decided to go to the same pediatrician they use.  I liked the office a lot, and there are 4 doctors and a nurse practitioner there.  Another item checked off my list.

My OB gave me a prescription for the last round of blood work that I have to do while pregnant, so I went to the lab and had that drawn today, since I was already out and about.  I had plans to meet Katie for lunch and needed to kill some time, so that worked out perfectly.  After the lab, I went to my old office and went to lunch with Katie & Jackie.  We went to the usual pizza place right by the office.  It was SO good!  I hadn't had pizza in a few weeks and it definitely hit the spot.  Now to decide what to make for dinner...

I went to Babies R Us yesterday because I had received a few gift  cards and I also had a 20% off coupon for the entire order, so I wanted to get a few of the items off of our registry that we didn't receive.  When I went to check out, the clerk told me that if I got the store credit card, I would get an additional 15% off the entire order, so 35% off.  That sounded like a deal to me, and I ended up SAVING $245 overall!! I'll just pay off the card when the bill comes in with the money we received as gifts at the shower.  I couldn't believe they let me combine the offers!  I was very proud of myself!  The savings was more than enough to pay for the large car seat and an additional base for the infant seat, so we will have one in each of our vehicles.  It's the little things that make me happy!

Go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.  I spent about an hour watering the front and back yards with the hose and sprayer instead of the sprinkler because it was just too nice to sit inside.

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!

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  1. Can't believe it's nearly time for Cooper to show his little face. Looking forward to meeting my grandson up close and in person!! We've waited so long for him!!