Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nothing too exciting

This week was pretty routine.  Just working around the house and in the nursery making room for all of Cooper's stuff.  He needs a much larger bedroom and he's not even HERE yet!  I got his clothes all organized by size both in his dresser and in his closet.  This kid has more blankets than you can imagine.  He'll probably get his dad's inner thermostat and never ever want them.  Marc is pretty hot-natured and just radiates heat 99% of the time.  I'll probably make my hospital bag sometime this week.  I want to get some new pajamas and stuff to take with us.

We cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and the 2 linen closets to make room for baby stuff.  We donate everything that's useful to the AMVETS.  They've seen us already about 5 times this year.  I've never had the time or energy to dedicate to a yard sale, so I'd rather donate everything and just take the tax write-off at the end of the year.  Good riddance!

We went to dinner at our Favorite German restaurant last night in Queens.  It's called Zum Stammtisch.  It is so delicious.  Definitely stick-to-your-ribs food, but so, so good!  I can't wait to go after Cooper is born so I can have the steak Tartare appetizer.  Yum!

Today we went to Easter dinner at Marc's parent's house.  We had ham and veggies and 2 rounds of dessert.  We are back at the house now watching the pups wrestle...I meant to go to Target on the way home but I forgot.  Oh, well.  It'll still be there tomorrow or next weekend when I get around to it!

Hope y'all have a great week and enjoy the beautiful spring weather that FINALLY arrived!


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