Sunday, April 13, 2014

Keeping busy

This week wasn't terrible busy outside of the house, but I got a lot accomplished at home.  Since our bathroom remodel, it has really been bothering me how dirty our grout in the kitchen floor had gotten.  I bought a shark steam cleaner a few weeks ago and decided to steam clean the kitchen floor grout to see if it would take out the stains so I could seal the grout properly.   I never sealed it when we had the kitchen remodeled, so it has been soaking up stains for 4 years now.  EEW!

Top left corner steamed, the rest not...ICKY!

Before steam.  GROSS!

The first day, I worked for about 3 hours and got about 3 square feet done.  The steamer was working well, but it was taking several passes over the same area to get the stains to come up.  I had seen on Pinterest that you can use carpet cleaner on grout and it will magically lift the stains with no scrubbing.  I must have had the wrong brand, because there was no magic happening.  It did help a little bit, but nothing significant.  I decided that I would finish the floor the next day and I would try a more natural cleaner to see if it worked any better.

On Day 2, I mixed 3/4 cup of white vinegar with 1/4 cup Dawn platinum dishwashing soap.  I used my turkey baster to put the solution into the grout lines and let it sit for several minutes.  I even left it for an hour one time while I went to the couch and took a nap by the puppies.  After soaking, I'd wipe up the vinegar solution, then steam over the grout.  It worked much faster and I was able to complete the kitchen the second day.  I'd work a couple of hours then get up and stretch, go put my FAT feet up on the back of the couch, or sit outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having.  I'm really glad that the vinegar solution worked; it is cheap and effective for so many household chores!

After steam cleaning.  Pretty as new!

Marc finished up a class he was taking for work that had him extremely busy for the past 3 weeks.  He had class all day then still had to go to his office to keep up with his normal workload.  He was tired, to say the least.  He finally got to be home for a whole weekend this weekend, which was great. We did some work inside and outside the house and took the puppies along on all of our errand running.  They love going in the car or truck.  We donated a couple pieces of furniture that we didn't use, and frankly, didn't have room for in the house.  We seeded the lawn, then spent some time soaking it down with the hose.  It was way too gorgeous to just let the sprinkler run, so we watered with the spray nozzles and enjoyed some sunshine.  Spring weather is fantastic after such a long and snowy winter!

The puppies were super snuggly this morning.  Pixie came to get me out of bed at 7AM, which she does every day.  I sit on the couch and she usually climbs right in my lap, but today, she climbed right back on the couch by Max and curled up and went back to sleep.  They are SO adorable, I just love them to pieces.  I thought that since they were both asleep that they wouldn't really care if I snuck back to bed to snooze for a little longer, but I was wrong.  About 2 minutes after I got up off the couch, they decided it was time to have full wrestle mania, with furniture rearrangement as a complimentary side just for me!  It's always interesting to see where the couches will end up once they've finished the wrestling match! :)

Snuggle babies

I see you!

Sleepy babies

Snuggly Pixie & Max on the love seat with me

I have been in the mood to cook some of our favorites, so yesterday, I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner.  I made a huge batch so we would have left-overs and Marc could take a full pan to work.  This morning, I made a recipe I had seen on Trisha Yearwood's show on Food Network.  It is called Country Quiche.  Very easy, and VERY tasty!  I had 3 slices!

Some of our friends had a cookout this afternoon and asked that we bring dessert, so I made a  4 layer chocolate delight.  It is one of my favorite desserts, and it was a BIG hit!

Hope y'all have a great week and enjoy this gorgeous weather we're having!


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