Monday, April 18, 2011

Out with the old...

Today I didn't have to work at the office, so I spent some time really spring cleaning today.  I spent A LOT of time in our office shredding old bills and the never-ending stream of credit card applications we get in the mail.  I had to empty the shredder 3 times.  As I was looking at the papers, I realized I hadn't shredded since October!  That's a lot of paper laying around in the office!!  I also hung up some new towel racks in the bathroom.  I try to be creative with storage since we have such a small house.  I like them, what do you think?? (Please disregard the hideously dated old wallpaper and blue tile, the bathroom is original to the 50 year-old house!)

As I was cleaning the attic out tonight, when Marc got back from Paintball, (he says hello, by the way) I realized that I am definitely not a hoarder I love getting rid of our old things we don't use anymore and donating them to a good cause! The MP is doing a special girls' night out this Thursday called "spring cleaning" and taking donations for INN.  Our bosses encouraged us to give clothes we don't wear anymore, and I realized that Marc and I have a lot of things in the attic from when I moved in.  We combined our things, and got wedding gifts, and still had all of the old dishes and pots & pans that we had before the wedding, so I thought it would be great to get rid of them, and what better than to help those in need!?!

All of the boxes and piles by the door are heading to someone else's home for a new life! It makes me feel good to see clutter making its way out the door!  Soon, I will be ordering the mirror and 2 wine storage towers to finish furnishing the dining room.  I can't wait!!  Does it make me crazy that I love spring cleaning?? I didn't even go through our closets of clothes yet, and I already have a truck load of stuff!  Do any of you like to clean this way too?


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