Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tour of the house

Every time I turn around, it seems like another month has passed.  I can't believe tomorrow is April 29th already! Happy 30th Birthday, Joey! (one of my cousins) It feels like it was just Christmas, and now it's almost May already! Time really does fly by when you're not paying attention!!!

I wanted to take some pictures of our house and show you what it's like.  It's a ranch style house, it has light grey siding with white trim.  It's dark outside now, so I can't get a good picture of the house, but you can see the front (sorta) from the pictures when I ripped out the old stoop.

As you enter our house, you step right into the living room/dining room.  You can see right down the hallway and you can also see the kitchen when you come in the front door.

The living room when looking from the dining room

 The living room from the front door

If you turn to the right, you'll then see our dining room and kitchen.

We'll head on down the hallway.  The first door on the left is the coat closet.  We also have 2 linen closets in the hallway; one at the very end, and one just between the restroom and the guest bedroom.  The first room we'll visit is the 3rd bedroom, which we currently have set up as our office. Someday, when we have kids, this will become the nursery.

Just across the hall from the office is the ONLY restroom in the house.  That alone is a challenge, let alone the fact that the restroom is original to the 51 year old house.  Yes, my friends, we're not trying to harbor antiquities...wait...go retro... Oh, never mind. The blue formica with gold flecks and hideous floral wallpaper should speak for themselves.  Yes, we want to renovate the bathroom.  No, we don't love the countertop at midget height really low countertop (I am 6 feet tall and Marc is 6'5"...this is a low countertop for people who aren't our height. It hits us between knee and mid-thigh), and No, it's not in our budget to remodel the bathroom just yet.  Even though blue is my very favorite color, the 4 different shades in the bathroom have not made it grow on me.  Grrrr...

Adjacent to the bathroom, is our "Master" bedroom.  It's only the master because it's the largest; otherwise, it's just another bedroom.  There's no bathroom in it to make it a nice master suite.  I would kill for really love to have a master bathroom...It's nice to daydream, no?? :)

The doorway you can see in the above picture is my closet the guest bedroom.  While it would be amazing to have a closet the size of our 2nd largest bedroom, sadly, it is not feasible in this house.

The guest room is the only room we haven't painted (besides the aforementioned hideous bathroom).  We are kinda waiting until we have kids and move the office to that room.  It has a door to the back yard and back deck, so we don't want it to be a kid's room.  It's kinda a decorating mess right now, since it serves many purposes.

The last picture is from the end of the hallway looking back at the front door.  

So, that's our house.  It's pretty small, and I'm always looking for creative ways to store things.  I do not like clutter; it stresses me out!!!  I am always trying to get a project finished so I can move onto the next one.  Next year, we're hoping to put new white interior doors, crown moulding, and new baseboards and trim throughout the house.  I think it will update the look a lot and get rid of the dark '70's vibe that the old wood doors and trim give to the place.  It will also lighten up the hallway considerably.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour!


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