Thursday, April 7, 2011

Head colds are irritating.

I started sneezing yesterday and as soon as it started, I knew it was time for another head cold.  A week of not being able to breathe out of one nostril or the other at any given time.  It's really irritating, and I always get one with the changing of the seasons.  Even when I fly home to my mom's house, I usually end up with a head cold.  Why is that? I think the dry air on the plane makes my sinuses so dry that I become more susceptible to pathogens in the air, but I don't know why I have one now.  It's raining outside right this second, so that may blow the aforementioned theory out of the water.  Hmm...  So, interesting as that was, have any of you noticed a specific time of year that you always get sick?  I don't usually get the flu, but I ALWAYS get a freakin' head cold.  Not enough of a nuisance to keep me from working or doing things that need to be done, just enough to make me have a sinus headache and to have to breathe a lot more through my mouth, which then causes really chapped lips, which I bite and peel at until they bleed.  Exciting stuff, huh??
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