Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keeping busy

This week was HOT and humid! Today is overcast and humid, so I hope it rains and knocks down the heat for a while.  I love summer storms.  

On Thursday, I got some fantastic news for the Fundraiser.  Tyson is a name just about everyone who eats chicken recognizes immediately.  We contacted them to see if they would donate some chicken for us to cook for the fundraising dinner. Tyson is going to donate 200 chicken breast fillets for us to use!  I am so excited about this news! Way to help out, Tyson!!! Their very generous donation brings our costs for the dinner down considerably.  Since we're trying to RAISE funds for the scholarship, we don't want our expenses to be very high.  What a great company!  We've been receiving donations for items to raffle off as well, such as: dinner for 2 at The Chopping Block in Mena, dinner for 2 at The Fish Net in Mena, 2 tickets to Magic Springs in Hot Springs, a Massage, some glass and metal jewelry, a framed canvas print of this picture I took in Turkey,

a $50 Wal-Mart gift card, some salon services from The Electric Chair in Mt. Ida, some embroidered items, and a few other items! I am thrilled!!! We have also received some cash donations from people who want to be there, but live too far away to be able to make it.  It's so generous of all of you who are so willing to help out! Thank you so much!!!

Marc and I are planning on a 4th of July BBQ here at the house.  I'm going to start getting that menu together soon.  We love to entertain friends and family here.  I love cooking, and especially for people who love to eat...I always cook for a crowd, even if it's just the two of us!  I'm looking up some new appetizer recipes.  Any summer friendly suggestions from anyone?  

I received my new driver's license in the mail yesterday.  I've gotten almost everything that was in my stolen wallet re-ordered.  You don't realize how many things you keep in there! I had to call my mom and ask her what she keeps in her wallet, or I never would have remembered my medical insurance cards until I needed them the next time.  

I hope everyone has a safe weekend.  I'm doing a good deed for someone and working tomorrow at the MP.  I can't tell you the last time I worked on a Sunday, but my co-worker needed to be off so he could go to his daughter's dance recital, and he didn't get the day off as requested, so he asked if I would work for him.  Sometimes, I'm nice.  ;)



  1. Sometimes, you're just too kind!! I guess turnabout is fair play - folks have helped you out with shifts, too, so it's always nice to return the favor, even if it isn't specifically for someone you took a shift for.

  2. Hi there, Kelli! So nice to "meet" you! : ) I love that you saw us at UBC- what a small world! I'm sure I was nearby, probably holding Harbor. I think Harbor was less than or around a year old at that time. We have family at UBC through marriage- Ramona and Phil Tugwell. Take care and come visit again!