Saturday, June 18, 2011

Woo-Hoo!! Can you tell I'm excited??

My wine towers came in yesterday, so this morning, Marc and I drove out to Direct Buy to pick them up.  I am LOVING them!  Marc and I got them unloaded out of the car and into the house, then he had to leave for work.  I had the feeling they were already assembled, so I went ahead and destroyed opened the boxes.  All I had to do was to put the deck onto the base and screw them together!  I even got to use my handy new drill again.  Ahh, how I love power tools! 

Because our house is limited on storage space, I wanted these towers because they also store wine glasses and have one drawer a piece.  They're the perfect size for coasters and napkin storage.  Now I've just got to buy a few bottles cases of wine to fill the bottoms!  The towers each hold 25 bottles of wine, and the sideboard in the middle holds 12.  Oh, Darn...looks like we'll have to order a few cases!  (Groupon comes in handy for this!)

I am really pleased with the way the dining room has turned out.  The only thing missing is the crown moulding, which is  a project for the whole house.  I love being able to cross another project off of my list.  Now I've got to vacuum the house and get rid of all of those little bits of styrofoam that came off the towers!

This Sunday is Father's day.  I hope all of you Dads out there have a great day.  We'll be at my sister-in-law's house for a cook-out.  

Have a safe and fun weekend!



  1. Very nice!! You managed to fit a lot into a very small space!!

  2. Does the sideboard have a granite top?

  3. Yes, black granite. It's pretty!