Thursday, June 16, 2011


I got the call today saying that my wine towers have arrived!  Marc & I will go tomorrow morning to pick them up.  I can't wait to get them in the house and set up.  I'll post a picture once they're in place. 

Today, I went with my friend Laura and her 2 kiddos for a walk around Argyle park in Babylon.  It's a nice trail around the "lake". I say lake in quotation marks because Long Island's idea of a lake and mine are totally different.  I call what they think is a lake a pond.  It's too small to run boats, so therefore, is a pond in my eyes. Laura and I walked 4 laps, and it felt really good to get out in the sun and move!  I have had some serious lack of motivation days lately.  I told Laura to call me Monday and Thursday mornings, and we will go walk together.  The time flew by because we were enjoying talking to each other and catching up.  It was nice, and I'm looking forward to having a buddy to keep me accountable.  

I brought my little camera along on the walk,  but forgot to take a picture, so, sorry about that.  

We have received some more donations for the scholarship dinner.  Everyone is so generous to donate, it makes me smile to think that I know some truly inherently good people.  Thank you!!!

My whole week was thrown off because I worked last Sunday, I have been off all week by a day!  Today put me back on track, it is Thursday, so I went to the cake for my weekly glass of wine.  Yes, I only had one today.  Shocking, I know!

I hope everyone has a safe weekend.  I'll post again when my towers are up in the dining room! Can't wait!!!


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