Friday, May 6, 2011


Just a little forewarning, this is going to be opinionated.

I have been reading all of the news the past few days since osama bin laden was killed.  Why are there people (Americans, especially) who are so concerned with whether or not the terrorists in his compound were armed when SEAL team 6 went in and killed them? These "people" (that's a loose term here) killed THOUSANDS of innocent people, and thought nothing of it.  In fact, they spent most of their time planning how they could murder thousands more. It took us almost TEN years to locate the SOB who masterminded the murder of so many innocent Americans, and who launched a war that we are still fighting in the middle east.  Why are people upset that there was a codename for osama? Why are they offended that it was Geronimo? Would they be happier if we had used Waldo?? The point is that he is FINALLY dead, and it is a blow to the infrastructure of Al Qaeda. Why does it matter whether or not they were armed? Who freaking cares? The most important thing is that our military went in and got the job done.  Do you think the terrorists cared that the Americans in the Towers in NYC weren't armed? That the people aboard all of the planes weren't armed??? That the flights that hit the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania contained innocent people? They didn't.  They don't care.  Even in warfare, they are COWARDS.  They plant bombs and wait for someone to drive over them.  The bomb goes off whether it's a bus filled with children or a Humvee filled with soldiers; it doesn't discriminate.  Then, they hide in the hills and remote detonate secondary bombs to kill those who are trying to help those hurt by the first.
There is a reason they're called terrorists, and I think that a lot of the population has become numb to what that word really means, so I'll include Webster's definition here.

Terrorist: adjective of Terrorism: The act of terrorizing; use of force or threats to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate, esp. such use as a political weapon or policy.

Al Qaeda doesn't care one iota if they hurt, maim, murder, defame, demoralize or insult ANYONE.  They are zealots, so fundamental in their beliefs that they are sure that murdering innocents will get them into heaven and more quickly to their awaiting 27 virgins (or whatever crap they think is there).

I think we need to worry a lot less about being "Politically Correct" and offending people.  Seriously, life has disappointments.  All kids don't make the team, everyone keeps score, and your feelings are going to get hurt every now and then.  It's called growing up and we have all been there.  Now, dry your tears and put your big girl panties on and DEAL WITH IT.  We have had thousands of men and women die while trying to hunt down this abomination called bin laden.  Be thankful that one less murderer is free to hurt us.  God bless our troops.

Now, I'll hop down off my soapbox and continue about my evening.


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