Friday, May 27, 2011

Pictures on the wall & Memorial Day Weekend

I finally got all of the pictures framed and onto the wall in the dining room.  With the shape of the mirror being awkward, it was actually hard to get the pictures centered and at the same height from one side to the other.  In the pictures it looks a little crooked, but I assure you, it's level and straight.  (perhaps the camera holder is a little crooked....)  I am pleased with the way it looks and am ready for the wine towers to come in (mid June) so we can be done with the Dining room completely.

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.  Many people think it's the start of summer and a great day to grill out in the back yard.  While those things are true, Memorial day is to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice while defending our freedom, both home and abroad.  Until 4 years ago, I knew what Memorial Day was, but wasn't really affected by its true meaning.  I hope everyone will remember this weekend just why it is that they get an extra day off work.  Take the time to thank a member of service, or the families of the fallen.  This day isn't joyful for many.  Be safe and remember to give thanks that we still live in a free country.  The sacrifice of few has bought the freedom of many.

Have a safe weekend!



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