Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've had better...


I was scheduled to work at the MP on Friday night, so like a diligent little worker bee, I left for work and arrived at 6:20 P.M.  My shift started at 6:30, so I was right on time.  I was having a pretty good evening and joking with my table when one of the hostesses came up to me and asked what kind of car I drive.  I asked "why, is my alarm going off"? She told me I needed to go outside, so I did.  My passenger front window was shattered, and my purse was stolen.  Now, I'm not stupid, and I didn't leave my purse on the seat or even in plain sight.  It was on the floorboard with my apron over it.  

Oh, goody.  I get to rearrange my life because some sticky-fingered jerk can't figure out that he's not supposed to take things that don't belong to him.  I have to say, it's a pretty violating feeling.  I immediately called Bank of America and cancelled my debit card.  The very nice lady on the other end of the phone let me know that my card had been authorized at the Hess gas station less than 150 yards from where my car was parked.  At 6:54 P.M.  So, I was at work less than 40 minutes when my car was vandalized and my purse, which houses my wallet, $75 in cash and all of my credit cards, and checkbook were stolen.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  I really hope the police find the bastard and cut his freaking hands off lock him up.  
Seriously, how darn difficult is it to just NOT TAKE THINGS THAT DON'T BELONG TO YOU??????  Now, my car is sitting in my driveway with a super classy black trash bag over the window and will remain there until Tuesday, which was the first day I could get it fixed.  Why, you ask?  Because it's Memorial Day Weekend.  This weekend is already hard for me, and now I get to deal with this BS.  Awesome.  

After dealing with all of the credit card people, bank people, car insurance people, and car rental people Saturday morning, I went to work at the MP again, in my tiny little commuter hyundai elantra.  I feel like I am driving a go-kart, but less fun!  I'm not used to being so low to the ground and having so little horsepower.

So, I think that all of the normal people were enjoying the beautiful weather Saturday night and didn't eat at the MP, because we had some real social rejects in the restaurant.  I have been in the restaurant business for 16 years, and have seen pretty much everything...or so I thought.  I had a large party come in and one of the adults was carrying a baby-doll.  Yes, folks, a doll.  I can't make this stuff up.  He had all of his wits and faculties about him, so I can't figure it out.  He asked the hostess to bring him a high chair for the doll.  He asked her to interact with the doll.  I'm pretty sure it was a full moon.  If the moon wasn't full, perhaps someone was filming an episode of the Twilight Zone...Bizarre to say the least.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic when it was time to clock out and go home.  I can safely say that I am ready for this weekend to be OVER.

Today, I attacked the tree in the front yard with my handy limb cutters.  These were a tool gift from 2 years ago.  Are we seeing a pattern here?  I like tools.  I know how to use them and like to have them handy when I get the itch to be destructive fix stuff.
Remember what it looked like before?  If not, here's a picture.

I gave him a haircut! If I only had a chainsaw, I'd be able to get those bigger limbs that are sticking out near the bottom!

I finished cutting the excess smaller limbs and was bagging them up to take to the curb when the mosquitoes attacked.  Now, I know that no one likes mosquitoes, but the stupid bugs are under the incorrect assumption that I am a free snack.  They LOVE me! Yay for me!  I'm the one who, when sitting with a group of people outside is swatting myself, because I am their prime target.  Last summer, I went to dinner with some friends and we sat on the patio.  I had 37 mosquito bites and the ladies surrounding me had a total of 3.  Between the 5 of them.  

I hope everyone has a great week ahead, and that the police catch the thief.  I wouldn't wish theft on an enemy, what a pain in the butt.



  1. I Love you!! Hopefully this week will be better than last week!!

  2. I love you too, Mom, and I really hope so as well.